Friday, April 3, 2009

Marion High School 1940

Marion High School.

Plans for this building were being formed in April 1938. The new building would be on the corner of College and Carlisle Streets. The new building would be of brick and concrete construction throughout. It would have nine classrooms in addition to a library and assembly hall, superintendents office and a combination auditorium and gymnasium.

A lot of the labor was done by the WPA. It was a beautiful building and the community was very proud of it. The first class to graduate from the new Marion High School was in 1941.

When the county and city high schools were consolidated, this became the Middle School, housing 7th and 8th graders. Once again it served the community well. This building was in use until August 1981.

The building today is beyond repair, with windows broken out and doors and roofs crumbling with the wear of time. Several groups have tried to save it and turn into something that could be useful for the community, but the cost was more than anyone could afford. It's a shame that these once useful and beautiful building have to end this way.

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