Friday, April 17, 2009

The Automobile Parade

The Automobile Parade of 1913.

In the early 1900's Marion was progressing with the rest of the world. Automobiles or tin lizzies as many people called them were becoming popular. There soon were several on the streets of Marion. To show the new automobiles off Marion had a parade.

The automobile parade brought into requisition all the machines here about and exited much interest.

Great throngs were on the streets in the line of the procession. Each machine was full of pretty girls and each chauffeur thought he had the most precious burden.

Some of the machines were decorated beautifully. All of the girls were. It was an inspiring sight, one long to be remembered.

One spectator offered the suggestion "why not have them often and offer a prize for the prettiest, most unique, or original decorated car?"

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