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Piney Creek Church

Piney Creek Baptist Church

Piney Creek Baptist Church was founded in 1844. The first preacher was Abraham DeBoe. The land was donated by Jacob Crayne and wife Nancy DeBoe Crayne or Robert Hill, Jr. and wife Eliza BeBoe.

On Thursday, July 25th, 1844, a meeting was held in a grove on the waters of Piney Fork of Tradewater near Brown's Old Academy, at the request of sundry Brethren of the neighborhood, for the purpose of considering of the propriety of constituting a Church of Christ of the Order called United Baptist.

The following Elders being present: J. W. Mansfield, J. E. Grace and Clayborn Wilson. Presbytery was organized by appointing Elder J. W. Mansfield Moderator, and Elder J. E. Grace Clerk, when the following Covenant and Abstract of Principles was presented for consideration.

The first 11 members were: John W. Guess, W. A. Dollar, Abram DeBoe, Soloman Weaver, John M. Campbell, Conrad Crayne, Jacob Crayne, Ellen E. Dollar, Catherine Campbell, Mary (DeBoe) Crayne, Nancy (DeBoe) Crayne.
(This information was copied out of the first church book that the clerk keeps. It was first copied by Geneva Baker.)

The first church building served the community until June 1961 when a motion was made to tear down the old wooden church and rebuild. A new brick church building was erected in the same location. The picture above is the new church building that was built in 1961. The monument below the church picture was also made and dedicated that same year.
The Piney Creek Church was disbanded several years later, and the building has been used at different times through the years as a church for other groups seeking a home for their followers.
Located directly behind the church is a small cemetery that is the resting place of descendants of these first members of the Piney Creek Baptist Church. Names include: Rushing, Jennings, Woodall, Campbell, Hill and Boone.

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