Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year Greetings

How about some Happy New Year Greetings from yesteryear

The postmark on the card says Ottawa, Ill, Dec. 30, 1919.

Addressed to Charlie L. Lindsey, Sheridan, Ky.

Postmark reads Marion, Ky. Dec. 31, 1910

Addressed to Miss Stella Brasher, R.F.D.2, Fredonia, Ky.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Resolutions of Respect for J. H . Hampton

Crittenden Press, June 25, 1908 - Zion Hill Lodge, No. 371 F. & A.M.

June 10, 1908.  Whereas it has pleased the Great Archetect of the universe in his wisdom to remove from our midst, our beloved Brother. J. H. Hampton, therefore be it:
RESOLVED: That in the death of Bro. J. H. Hampton, Zion Hill Lodge, looses a worthy and true member, the community, an honest, upright citizen, and his bereaved family a kind and generous husband.

Resolved that a page of the records of our Lodge be set apart to his memory, and a copy of these resolutions be spread thereon, a copy be sent to his bereaved family. 

Resolved that the Brethern wear the usual badge of mouring for 30 days.

J. H. Hampton is buried in the Dunn Springs Cemetery, located on S. R. 387 a short distance off of HWY 91 North.  He has a Civil War Military Stone,  So. K, 6th Ill. Cav.

His obituary reads: June 11, 1908 - J. H. Hampton died Tuesday at his home at Fords Ferry, age 74.  He was buried at Dunn Springs with Masonic honors.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ole' Time Christmas Cards

 Time once again to share some beautiful old Christmas Cards.  I never get tired of looking at these.

These two were actually Post Cards.  The post mark date on the back was 1914.

This is a small card.  The verse inside reads
"Wishing You The Season's Greatest Joys and All Kind Thoughts For The New Year."

These was no envelope to get the date, but I wonder if maybe during WWII since it looks like a patriotic style card.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter time 1952

Although the  picture looks more vintage, the date on it says Jan. 3, 1952.  It was made on West Bellville Street looking toward downtown Marion.

Behind the ice covered tree limbs and branches, on the left, you can see the beautiful old Steamboat style home of Mr. and Mrs. John Flanary.  At this time the Flanary's owned the home and is was in beautiful condition.  

This one of a kind house was razed several years ago due to it being un-lived in and taken care of and it was in a very deteriorated state.  A new brick home now sets on the location of the old home.

The man on the right looking toward the street is Mr. David H. Postlethweight.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Parade 1954

Remembering the Christmas Parades of years past.  One of Marion's largest crowds ever attended the parade of 1954. 

The old Crittenden Press stated that the crowd was estimated at over 5,000 that swarmed into Marion to watch the hour-long gala Christmas Parade.

Before the parade, hundreds of cars were parked for blocks along side streets, requiring extra efforts by the Police Department and Boy Scouts to handle the traffic. 

There were 18 festive floats entered in the parade, plus many other entries.   All the Marion merchants had worked hard on their colorful floats, many pertaining to what the store sold, the Rose Cleaners float showed a group of dancing youngsters dressed appropriately in suit bags to reflect the dry cleaning theme.

The Cumberland Presbyterian float expressed a true religious scene depicting a kneeling choir at the base of a cross.

The picture above was taken on West Bellville Street.  The cars in the street were from some of the dealerships that Marion had during that time.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Forgotten Passage Volume III Book

Forgotten Passage Volume III has now been published.  It is a collection of articles and photos about History and Genealogy of Marion and Crittenden County that I have used in my column in our local paper The Crittenden Press.  

The articles in the book are similiar to the ones I use on my Blog, but in more detail.  The articles cover businesses, schools, churches, communities, people, plus historic happenings that took place in our past history and many more items of interest to folks that love Crittenden County.

In case you would like one, it is $40.00 plus $4.00 shipping/handling. 
Brenda Underdown, 139 Oak Hill Drive, Marion, KY 42064
270-965-2082 or email:

Volume I and Volume II are also available at $35.00 + $4.00 for shipping/handling.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Historic Home

A little history from the year 1904.  Several new impressive homes were being built in Marion.  A new addition to Marion was being laid out and getting ready for lots to be sold.   It was located North of town.  

Al Pickens, a local business man, had purchased a lot and was building himself a handsome brick residence. The time was July 1904.  

The two story brick home was to have a splendid cellar, which was a luxury, a large reception hall, double parlors, with folding doors between with family and kitchen and dining room on first floor,  Several sleeping apartments will be on the second floor. 

The house was the home of the Slyche Frazer family for many years.  After they sold the home, two different couples have purchased the home and started renovation work on it, and both times something has happened and they had not finished the work on it.  As you can see it is still a grand site to see.

The home sits empty today, and looks as it does in the photo.  Hopefully it can be lived in once again and the work finished.  It would be such a shame to lose this impressive old home as so many has been lost in Marion.