Thursday, December 8, 2011

Forgotten Passage Volume III Book

Forgotten Passage Volume III has now been published.  It is a collection of articles and photos about History and Genealogy of Marion and Crittenden County that I have used in my column in our local paper The Crittenden Press.  

The articles in the book are similiar to the ones I use on my Blog, but in more detail.  The articles cover businesses, schools, churches, communities, people, plus historic happenings that took place in our past history and many more items of interest to folks that love Crittenden County.

In case you would like one, it is $40.00 plus $4.00 shipping/handling. 
Brenda Underdown, 139 Oak Hill Drive, Marion, KY 42064
270-965-2082 or email:

Volume I and Volume II are also available at $35.00 + $4.00 for shipping/handling.

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