Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thomas N. Morgan, W. O. W. Unveiling

Sunday, Sept. 29, 1902, Rosewood Camp, No. 22, W. O. W. assisted by all visiting Camps will unveil the monument of Sov. Thomas N. Morgan, in the new cemetery in Marion, Ky.  Sovereign J. P. Stubblefield of Corydon, Ky., Camp and Sovereign W. T. Oakley, chaplain of Rosewood Camp, Marion, Ky., will be the orators of the unveiling ceremonies. 

The unveiling will take place at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.  Said to be one of the handsomest in the new cemetery.  The Marion Silver Cornet Band will furnish suitable music for the occasion.

Thomas N. Morgan's stone is pictured at the right.  Not the usual W. O. W. monument in the shape of a tree trunk.

Here is Thomas Morgan's obituary from The Crittenden Press, Feb. 7, 1907.  Thomas Newton Morgan, son of John P. Morgan, of Marion was instantly killed at Valley Junction Ohio by being struck by a fast passenger train Jan. 31st.  The news came to the dead man's parents first in the shape of a telegram which however was brief and gave no particulars.

The remains arrive here Saturday night and taken to the residence of his parents.  The funeral was preached Sunday afternoon.  Members of the Knights of Pythas, and Woodmen of the World then took charge of the remains and conducted the interment at the new cemetery.

Thomas Newton Morgan was born August 30, 1879, the couty near Marion.  He professed religion Nov. 6th, 1897 and joined Caldwell Springs C hurch and retained his membership there until he died.  For several years he has been engineer on the railroad working principaly in the north and he had a fine position which was paying hin $1500 per annum.

He was not married.  He is the third child of J. P. Morgan, the one armed man and was a great hep and consolation to his father and mother.  He is survived by three brothers, James, Will and Joe and one sister, Mrs. T. L. Patterson.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sidewalks of old, makes for character of town

Many things make up the character of a small town.  Some things we see everyday and in our busy lives we don't have the time to see all the interesting little things that make our town special.  

We have several lovely old homes on Main Street, some will be a hundred years old come this May.  Several buildings on Main Street have been restored and make for a beautiful ride down Main Street.  One small detail not much noticed is the character of the old sidewalks.

With the installation for a new water line and gas lines the past several months, much of the old sidewalks that have been here since the early 1900's have been torn up so the new lines could be laid.  The new walk ways are now being completed in some areas, which I'm sure the store owners will be proud of.

One thing I'm thankful for during the removal of the old sidewalks along the residential section is the decorative top section of the sidewalks were preserved.  These were being laid in the early 1900's when this section of Marion was growing and new homes were being built.  From articles during this time period that I have read, having these new white concrete walk ways was very important to the families.  Most of the home owners paid for their section of the walks to be constructed and it was a sign of a prosperous family.  And they thought it added much to the appearance of their home, which it indeed did.  In the photo above which is on South Main Street you can see the old sidewalk topper still standing and how it adds a touch of class to this owners property.

This section of the historic sidewalk is located on East Depot Street and it frames the yard of the old Ollie M. James home, now owned and well taken care of by Robert M. Jenkins. 

It adds much to the character of the street and also to the home.  May it last another hundred or more years.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Marion Car Dealerships

It's hard to believe now, but several years ago, Marion had 7 new car dealerships, and several used car lots.

In the year 1956 there were advertisements for these.

  • Runyan Chevrolet Co. - Buick and Chevrolet
  • Crittenden Motor Company - Ford
  • Cruce Motor Company - Oldsmobile
  • Fritts Motor Sales - Chrysler and Plymouth
  • Marvel and Harmon Nash Garage - Nash
  • Chipps Bros. Implement Company - Pontiac
  • Sid Johnson Motor Sales - Packard

By 1965 there were five:

  • G and S Dodge Sales - Dodge
  • Crittenden Motor Co. - Ford
  • Runyan-Nichols Chevrolet - Buick and Chevrolet
  • Marvel Rambler Sales - Rambler
By 1991 there was only one new dealership in Marion and that was the Chrysler Dealership which carried Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth.  It closed it's doors in 1991.

Today Marion has 2 Used Car Dealerships.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marion's Masonic Lodge

Today's Masonic building on the corner of South Main and East Depot Streets is the fifth building erected on the corner lot. 

The first building, a two story frame, burned in 1869.  It was immediately replaced by a two-story brick, which was again destroyed by fire in October 1895.

In the winter of 1895-96, the lodge members had the first of three, three-story brick buildings, constructed.  This 3rd building was a victim of the March 28, 1905 fire that wiped out all of Marion down town business district.

This is a picture of the 3rd three-story brick building that got burnt in the 1905 fire.  A grand old building for the day in the small town of Marion.  I know they were proud of it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Odessa School - 1915

Odessa School - One of our rural schools that was located on the Blackburn Church Road.  This picture was made in 1915.  
Students are 1st (bottom) row: Glenn McConnell, Claude Hunt, Wallace Hardricks, Eura Herron, Thomas McChesney, Alvie Coleman, Bobbie Crittenden.
2nd row: Fannie Travis, Bessie Hardrick, Bonnie Travis, Ruth Herron, Carrie Travis, Olene Travis, Allie Mae MConnell, Verda EAst, Myrtle Hardrick, Reba McConnell, Elsie Coleman, Beadie McChesney.
3rd row: Leslie Davis, Roy Herron, Roy Coleman, Lewis Coleman, Eura Conger, Miss Carrie Morse (teacher), Lexie Coleman, Robert Warren, Ray Travis, Delmer Travis
4th row (back) Lena McChesney, Lura McConnell, Cora McConnell, Ila Stembridge, Jessie Travis, Herbert VanHooser, Lera McConnell, Freddie Travis, Cora Lee McChesney, Dixie McChesney, Alma Herron, Maymie Hardrick.