Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sidewalks of old, makes for character of town

Many things make up the character of a small town.  Some things we see everyday and in our busy lives we don't have the time to see all the interesting little things that make our town special.  

We have several lovely old homes on Main Street, some will be a hundred years old come this May.  Several buildings on Main Street have been restored and make for a beautiful ride down Main Street.  One small detail not much noticed is the character of the old sidewalks.

With the installation for a new water line and gas lines the past several months, much of the old sidewalks that have been here since the early 1900's have been torn up so the new lines could be laid.  The new walk ways are now being completed in some areas, which I'm sure the store owners will be proud of.

One thing I'm thankful for during the removal of the old sidewalks along the residential section is the decorative top section of the sidewalks were preserved.  These were being laid in the early 1900's when this section of Marion was growing and new homes were being built.  From articles during this time period that I have read, having these new white concrete walk ways was very important to the families.  Most of the home owners paid for their section of the walks to be constructed and it was a sign of a prosperous family.  And they thought it added much to the appearance of their home, which it indeed did.  In the photo above which is on South Main Street you can see the old sidewalk topper still standing and how it adds a touch of class to this owners property.

This section of the historic sidewalk is located on East Depot Street and it frames the yard of the old Ollie M. James home, now owned and well taken care of by Robert M. Jenkins. 

It adds much to the character of the street and also to the home.  May it last another hundred or more years.

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