Sunday, April 5, 2009

J. Frank and Nannie Loyd Monument

This is the picture on J. Frank and Nannie E. Loyd's monument at Mapleview Cemetery.

Mr. Loyd, city Marshall of Marion in 1900 was the only man that had ever succeeded himself as city marshal of Marion. He was first elected and served four years and then was chosen by the city council for one year. In January of 1900 he was again elected by a unanimous vote on the first ballot for two years. his choice three times is the best of evidence that he is a faithful, efficient and satisfactory officer.

Mr. Loyd died June 26, 1922 and Nancy Ellen Bradley Loyd died March 25, 1921.

The local paper had a notice telling of the splendid new monument that had just been erected on the lot of J. F. Loyd in the new Mapleview cemetery. It is a double monument for both Mr. Loyd and his wife. This is one of the large monuments in this cemetery and is a beautiful one. It was made from the rough stone at the works of Henry and Henry Monument.
I think it's pretty remarkable that this picture on the monument is still in excellent condition in 2009, 86 years after it was placed there. As you can see he is wearing his marshall's uniform with his badge.

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