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Easter Services April 1921

Main Street Presbyterian Church

Written April 21, 1922 from the archives of The Crittenden Press.

Despite the breezy north wind of the night before, Easter morning dawned beautiful and bright and cloudless and the sun shone with a warmth that brought out the budding flowers, the bursting buds, the songs of the spring birds and many pretty Easter hats all harbingers of advancing spring. The attendance at the various churches in the city was good and everyone seemed imbued with the spirit of Easter.

At the Methodist Church special Easter services were held. The attendance at Sunday school was the largest of the year so far, the number present being 360. Attendance was good in all departments of the Sunday-school and a special Easter program was given by the Junior and Primary Departments of the school. The pastor, Rev. G. P. Dillon preached at both the morning and evening services.

At the Main Street Presbyterian Church there was no preaching at the morning service. The Sunday school was well attended. At the evening hour, instead of the regular preaching by the pastor, Rev. E. N. Hart, the time was taken up by giving the cantata, "Calvary," a delightful Easter musical service which occupied the entire evening. A large congregation was present and the rendering of the cantata was pronounced splendid.

At the First Baptist church no special Easter service was held. The Sunday school had the usual large attendance. Rev. J. C. Lilly preaching at the 11 o'clock service. There was no preaching at the evening hour. The B.Y.P.U. met at 6:30 p.m. A special program was given which was pronounced both interesting and instructive.

No report was given from the other churches of the city.

The Main Street Presbyterian Church in the picture above used to sit on the corner of Main Street and East Depot Street. It was a beautiful old building. It had to close due to lack of membership, as so many of our old churches have. The building was torn down in the summer of 1968 by Otha Smith. The lot was made into a used car lot. Today the area is the parking lot of the Marion Clinic Doctor's Offices.

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