Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big Day At Freedom Church May 1921

Freedom General Baptist Church

Freedom General Baptist Church was organized June 21, 1853. The first church was a log building with only one window to the side. The next church was a wooden frame building. The third building was destroyed by a tornado May 17, 1946, and was replaced in 1949. The fourth building which is the present one has a basement. This picture of the church was made in the 1970's. Since then the church has had several new upgrades including being redecorated and new pews bought. In 1972 it was enlarged by adding a new wing on each side of the building.

From a Crittenden Press article, dated May 20, 1921, we can read about the "Big Day At Freedom."

Last Sunday was a big day for Freedom Church and for all those who were fortunate enough to be present on that occasion. It was a big day in many respects, big from the fact that one of the largest and most wide awake country Sunday Schools of the county meets there every Sunday, and it's big on it's attendance and interest.

It was a big day from the standpoint of hospitality and never were there more gracious hosts at a day of the kind were the good people of Freedom that day.

The morning was given to the Sunday School and regular preaching service and then at noon a banquet was spread in the form of a good old fashioned basket dinner. It was not a "pickle and sandwich" affair but a real basket dinner with the finest of meats and countless number of good cakes and pies.

Shortly after the noon hour, the Rev. G. P. Dillon, who by the way was present at dinner, and who has a record as one who "shines" at basket dinners, talked for a short time and then the quartet consisting of Rev. and Mrs. W. B. Yates, Mrs. G. P. Dillon and George Yates sang several numbers.

Several from Marion attended the services and all of them are loud in their praises of the hospitality of the Freedom neighborhood.

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