Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Musical Club

The Musical Club of Marion. Marion in the early 1900's was indeed a busy growing town. It had almost every kind of social club and activities that could be imagined. The ladies of the town were certainly a creative, active bunch of ladies. From the Crittenden Press dated March 25, 1909 they share their latest about the Musical Club. (I've noticed in these early articles they only use the woman's first name if she was single, after married it was always Mrs. and the husband's name.)

The Musical Club was delightfully entertained Saturday afternoon by Mrs. C. P. Noggle. The hostess had arranged an interesting programme on the celebrated American composer, William Mason. Much good, as well as pleasure, was derived from the various topics discussed concerning his great work and teachings.

A contest consisting of "musical synonyms" proved to be an interesting feature of the meeting.

Refreshments consisting of chicken salad, coffee, and sandwiches were enjoyed by all.

A few minutes were set aside for the transaction of business.

The following motto for the Club was adopted. "There is music in all things if men had ears."

Miss Ina Price was elected secretary and four new members were received into the Club. The new members were Mrs. Levi Cook, Mrs. R. F. Haynes, Mrs. Thomas Clifton and Miss Nellie Sunderland.

The following programme was rendered: Dance Rustigue, Mrs. W. V. Haynes and Miss Sallie Woods; Tocalallia, Mrs. Jenkins; Simple Avon Orchestra, Mesd, Jenkins, Travis and Tucker; Vocal duet, Angelus, Mesdames Walker and Orme; Milady's Bower, solo, Mrs. Walker.

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