Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Pioneer Citizen

Meet Mr. James Hickman Walker, a pioneer citizen of Crittenden County.

This interesting and informative article was written in 1903 and appeared in The Crittenden Press.

Mr. James Walker is one of the oldest and best known residents of Crittenden County, and he is one of the very few men now living who has been connected with the affairs of the county since its organization, sixty odd years ago. He was born in the county in 1827 and spent his early life on a farm.

In 1851 he was appointed Deputy Sheriff and served until 1854, when he was elected Sheriff, and was re-elected in 1856.

In 1862 he was elected Circuit Clerk, and served as Clerk twelve years.

In 1879 he was appointed Master Commissioner and Trustee of the jury fund, which office he held until 1894, thus serving the people of Crittenden County thirty-four years in various official capacities. He was a splendid official, and he is a life-long Democrat.

Mr. Walker has a wonderful memory, and until some years ago knew every man in Crittenden County. He can recall the names and faces of hundreds of people unknown to the present generation, and relates incidents that occurred many years ago. He rarely forgets a date and knows more regarding the history of the county than any living man. He was acquainted with many notable Kentuckians of "the days long gone," and can associate their names with pleasant and interesting incidents, and is thoroughly familiar with the history of Kentucky from its early days until the present time.

Mr. Walker is one of the most interesting characters in Marion; one of the old land marks of Crittenden, and when the history of the county is written his name will occupy a place of honor and prominence.

James Hickman Walker was married to Hortense Gregory. They are buried in our Mapleview Cemetery. Mr. Walker passed away June 16th, 1906.

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