Friday, March 13, 2009

Clubs of Yesteryear

Crittenden had many clubs and activities in the early 1900's. This one may be a pre-4-H club or Future Farmers of America organization, but it was known in 1915 as the Pigs Club.

Saturday was a Gala Day in old Crittenden. It was the Boys and Pigs Club day. There was plenty of boys here, and each had his pig with him and all were good, pigs and boys.

Everybody was interested and glad to see the great enthusiasm of all who attended. Of course all the boys could not get first prize and some had to be disappointed but they each deserved a prize and will make an effort for it next year. Below we publish the awards and names of all contestants who won prizes.

Crittenden County Pig Club Show, Aug. 28, 1915.
  • Class 1. Best pig six months and under one year. First prize - Ernest Minner, Second prize- Sylvan Moore, Tire prize-Tillman King.
  • Class 2. Pig showing the largest daily gain. First-Johnson Postleweight, Second-Ernest Minner, Third-Sylvan Moore.
  • Class 3. Pigs showing the largest gain at least cost during feeding period. First-Jeff Travis, Second-George Dollar, Third-Milton McAdams.
  • Class 4. Best pig for breeding purposes. First-Johnson Postleweight, Second-M.Y. Nunn, Third-Bruce Nunn.
  • Class 5. Best kept record. First-John William Blue, Second-Milton Adams, Third-Bruce Nunn.

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