Saturday, March 7, 2009

Marion's Pioneer Bank

The Marion Bank was chartered as a State Bank February 15, 1884. It's incorporators were W. C. Carnahan, R. W. Wilson, R. L. Moore, Sr, and J. W. Blue, Sr., all prominent and important business men of the young city of Marion. The founders were largerly instrumental in the early development of Crittenden County's enterprises.

The Marion Bank began its career as a banking institution in the spring of 1887 and developed a reputation for progressiveness and distinction for sound banking.

The difficulties and inconveniences attending the banking business in the early days of its history may be better appreciated when we reflect that there were no railroads connecting Marion with the outside world. No telegraph, telephone, no fast mail and no automobiles.

This first bank, pictured above, was destroyed by the great fire of of March 1905. In November of that same year, the founders had already gotten a new building designed and built. The new building, which was about ten feet wider than the former one, stood on the old site, on the northeast corner of Main and Bank Street.

For those familiar with Marion today, this first bank of Marion was located where the People's Bank is today.

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