Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Enon Community Items - 1907

From the archives of The Crittenden Press we can visit the little communities of the past. Here is what was going on at that time in the Enon community. A small area in the Eastern part of the county. The picture of their church, at right, was made about 30 years ago. The building has since been made larger and has other modern imporvements made and it is still active today.

April 7, 1904

  • As the Press comes to our house every week, and I read the items from almost ever where but Enon, I thought it not amiss to send you a few items from this section.
  • There is one store, a blacksmith shop, a Baptist Church with over two hundred members, and a school house here.
  • Our farmers are busy stripping and delivering their tobacco, but that is about all there is to it; the boys all come home with empty pockets, as they don't get enough for their tobacco to buy sugar and coffee, pay their tax and get on a whiz when they haul it to town. It would take about 4 pounds to get one jigger, and about 20 lbs to pay for a plain, old fashioned drunk.
  • A number of people have left this part of the country recently for the west and others are preparing to follow. If they keep on leaving our neighborhood will soon become depopulated.
  • I don't want to leave my dear old home and neither do I want to be left alone; I could not bear the thought of being alone. I can count more than twenty dwelling houses now empty in a radius of four miles; so if anybody ever sees me pass on the trail end of an imigrant flyer they can say, there goes the last; I will be bringing up the rear.
  • Bud Riley has gone to Missouri and Alfred Crider goes to Arkansas Tuesday.

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