Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Marion's Postcard Business

It's hard to believe that years ago Marion had it's own postcard company, and a very successful operation at the time.  It was the Wilbur V. Haynes Postal Card Business.  Many of the post cards that were printed were sold at the Orme's Drug Store, located just down the street, and the name Orme's would be on the card.  You may have seen some of these at one time.  I have even seen some of them posted on the internet.

In 1908 Mr. Haynes, the owner and manager of the business, employed from 35 to 60 people.  Fifteen to twenty girls were employed in the addressing and advertising department, and ten to fifteen in the packing and shipping department.  Their shipment of cards went to every state in the Union, as well as to all the providences of Canada, Hawaii, Porto Rico, Cuba, and Mexico.  

The postcard picture at the right is an example of some of the now historic cards that were produced at the Hayes Postal Card Co.  It is a view of the charred remains of part of Marion after the distarious fire of 1905. 
Other cards that were printed were of prominent homes and notable buildings in Marion.  These post cards are really a treasure to have today.  With these we have been able to see a part of our town that is gone now.

I am unsure when or why the post card company closed down.  But we were lucky that at one time there was such a place in Marion and it captured several of our historic places and homes.

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