Friday, February 12, 2010

Cures From Yesteryears

Being sick and down and out for several days with a sinus infection which eventually led into bronchitis, one starts to wonder if there is a magic cure-all out there somewhere that would just fix all this for us.  

According to some of the old advertisements in our local paper, back in the early 1900's they had some items that might have taken care of all our ailments.  The ad at the right appeared in January 1901.  J. H. Orme's Extensive Line can not be excelled for medicinal purposes.  Having received 100 pounds of pure, crushed Rock Candy he can fix a most palatable preparation of Brandy, Glycerine and Rock Candy that will cure any cold. (How I would have love to had some of this the past few nights as I've tried to sleep through a nagging cough. I probably would know if I was hurting or not.)
 Another well-know Marion medicine was Stone's Specific Healing Oil.  from D. W. Stone Medicine Co. Marion, Ky.  This was a blood purifier and system builder.  Perhaps if I was able to take this I would never get sick in the first place.

Also popular during the early 1900's from the Marion Medicine Company was Skelton's remedies.  They made Skelton's Tonic, Liniment, Skelton's Ready Relief and Eye Water, and they also made Corn Salve.  You could get a sample of all of the above for $1.00. 

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