Monday, February 22, 2010

Community of Sheridan

One of Crittenden County's small communities is Sheridan.  The post office at Sheridan was first established on April 13, 1880, and called Amplias.  It was named for a traveling man named F. Amplias Owen, who traveled through that territory.  The first Postmaster was William E. Weldon.  The office passed out of existence but was later re-established on March 13, 1888, as Sheridan, named for General Sheridan, with Abraham J. Bebout as Postmaster.  Sheridan is located about 12 miles from Marion on S. R. 297. 

In 1912, the Press reporter was traveling through the area and he had this to report about the community of Sheridan.  This little town is situated on the highway between Marion and Tolu.  The mail carrier is Mr. Lawrence Tackwell.  B. B. Terry is in the grocery business.  He keeps a general line of fresh groceries, sells goods to citizens of that section.  A. J. Bebout carries a full line of general merchandise and is one of the first citizens of Sheridan.  E. F. Sullenger is handling a fine line of dry goods.  He will also buy your live stock.

J. R. Bagwell is the village blacksmith, and the children coming home from school look in at the open door.  They love to see the flaming forge and hear the bellows roar.  Miss Rheba Bebout is the polite post mistress.

Today the only sign of a once busy little community, with several business stores, is one empty store building.  Back in 1993 it was open and running under the name of the Rockwell General Store, and it was a favorite place for all the local people to stop by, and visit and perhaps buy a sandwich or cold drink.

Since then it has served as a business location, but it's days of being  a grocery store are probably no more.  The picture at the right was made in 1993 when he was reopened as the Rockwell General Store.

Previously the store was run by Clarence Moore and was known as Moore's Grocery.  Mr. Moore ran it until his death in 1948, then his son, Charles Moore, ran in until 1985.  It was a thriving grocery store during this time, when communities bought groceries from their local store.  Soon they were unable to compete with the larger stores at Marion. 

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A visit through Sheridan, KY - my father's hometown Aug. 2013.