Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tosh Cemetery

Crittenden County has several hundred small cemeteries scattered around over the county.  Sometimes one area can have as many as 5 or 6 cemeteries within a few miles of each other.  Many are named for the families that are buried there or as the Tosh Cemetery, named for Sherman and Ada Tosh, who donated the land for the cemetery.  The odd thing about the Tosh Cemetery, is that there are more Crowell and Orr family members buried here than any other name. 

This cemetery is located in the Cave Springs area of the county.  A beautiful scenic landscape meets the eye is all directions as you drive through the county side.  Cave Springs Church is located not too far from this cemetery, and the old Crowell Graveyard lies only a mile or so North of the Tosh Cemetery.

The first burial recorded in this cemetery is for Mary J. Crowell, a child of Samuel and Elizabeth Crowell.  Her stone has the date Nov. 15, 1849.  Many burials were here before the land was actually donated as a burial place.  The deed is dated Aug. 28, 1922.  The deed says" This deed of conveyance, made and entered   on the 28th day of August 1922, between Sherman O. Tosh, and Ada Tosh, his wife, of Repton, Crittenden County, Ky parties of the first part, and John F. Crowell, Delmer Babb and Will Edwards, Trustees of the Tosh Graveyard, of same place, parties of the second part.  It also says that the land lies on the waters of Pigeon Roost Creek, and shall be used and maintained as a graveyard only.
 The last burial at Tosh Cemetery was for Loretta Hall Martin, April 8, 2008.

These pictures were made in June of 1997.  At the time, as you can see, the cemetery was well cared for and very pretty.  There used to be an annual Tosh Graveyard cleaning, where the family members would come and make a day of cleaning the cemetery.

I was there in the late fall of 2009, and the cemetery was almost un-walkable.  The tree and limb damaged from the ice storm of Jan. and Feb.of that year had left it's mark on the little cemetery.  Hopefully in the future it can be cleaned up where it will be able to be mowed again.  (Update:  March 5, 2010.  I was at the Tosh Cemetery today and it has been cleaned up.  It was in great condition, as clean and neat as could be. Who ever cleaned the cemetery up, they did a great job!)

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