Friday, January 29, 2010

Cameron Family Stones

Mapleview Cemetery is Marion's city cemetery.  There are many old and beautiful ornate stones in the cemetery.  The stones in the picture at the right belong to one of Marion's old pioneer families, Thomas J. Cameron family.  Mr. Cameron was born in Trigg Co. Ky, but moved to Marion in it's early days and he became a very successful and popular merchant of Marion. 

Two of these stones have been abused over the years, and the one on the right has lost it's head and the beautiful lady on the left and lost her hand.  For many years, the lady monument was the subject of teen agers activity.  The story was told that if you would come at night when the moon was full and would hold her left hand (the one that is now missing), that you could see her cry and tears would be on her cheeks.  This went on for many years.  I feel sure that is what happened to her hand and the little child's head also.

The obituaries from the old Crittenden Presses tell us some of their story.  The middle stone belongs to a daughter, Victoria Cameron Bebout.  She was born in 1878 and died July 22, 1900.  Her obituary is as follows:  Wednesday morning, June 27, a bright and happy bride left the home of her youth with her life linked to the fortunes of her new husband, Mr. Lewis Bebout, who had won her heart.  Monday evening, July 23rd from the same house there went forth a funeral cortege and in the casket so tenderly borne by loving hands, quietly slept all that was mortal of the bride of a month.  Mrs. Victoria Bebout, nee Camerson, died at the home of her mother, Mrs. H. A. Cameron, in this city Sunday evening.  She came from her home in Paducah a few days ago to spend a few weeks in Marion, she was slightly ill when she came, but the indisposition, it was thought, would soon be gone.  But not so, she grew worse and everything human skill could devise was done.  The funeral took place from the residence Monday afternoon. 

 The beautiful lady monument belongs to the mother, Henri A. Cameron.  She was born 1846 and died 1921.  Her obituary reads: After an illness of only a few days, Mrs. Henri A. Cameron died suddenly at her home on Main Street.  Mrs. Cameron was the daughter of Mrs. Marble who afterwards married the late J. N. Wood, and was born in Madison Ill., and moved to Marion in early life.  About the close of the Civil War she was married to the late Thomas J. Cameron, who for many years was a prominent business man of the city.

The child's stone with the head missing belongs to young Johnnie W. Cameron, born 1867 and died 1877.  He was the son of Thomas J. and Henri A. Cameron.

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