Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chimney Rock

It's nice to know some things don't change, one of these is the beauty of our county side.

Written in 1923 the following article can still fit today.

Have you ever spent a day on Piney?  If not, you have missed a lot.  And where is this place, you ask?  Why it's down here in Crittenden County where acres of bluffs rise to a dizzy height out of a country that is not unusually rough.   We think our cliffs and bluffs equal those of the Lookouts Mountains and the great Rockies.  We can even find for you "the trail of the lonesome pine."  Althought is might be cedars in this part of the country.

One of the 'show places' of the area is Chimney Rock, and truly one this is rightly named.  It stands apart from the others and rises to a great height. At it base trickles an eternal fountain that would probably have given Ponce de Leon the greatest thrill of his life, had he discovered it.

Piney Creek flows at the base of the cliffs and has all the true characteristics of a mountain stream.  When storms rage it becomes turbulent, noisy and a dangerous stream; but when they subside it will again go back into the gentle, musical little creek we know and love.

Each year gay camping parties come to Piney.  And when they come the frogs and whippoorwills along the stream keep "silent night" an listen to a chours of voices singing, Seeing Nelline Home or the lovely strains of Margie.

Year after year the place has but little changed.  The bluffs are the same old barren rocks when winter comes; the same riot of flowers and ferns when soft southern breezes blow.  The same old moon still peeps through the swaying branches of cedar and pine, on the winding creek below.

The beautiful place told about in the article above in located in the Eastern part of Crittenden County.  Not visible from the highway, it is on private property now.  I guess years ago it was available for all that wanted to visit and see the beauty of the county side.

The drive from Marion on Hwy. 120 is really a scenic drive.  After about six miles these Piney bluffs will become visible in the distance.  Although you wouldn't think of winter as being a good time to go driving to see the beauty of the countryside, it really is, for with the leaves gone one can really see the rocky cliffs and bluffs that grace this part of our county, that aren't visible in the summer months.  These rocky bluffs  and countryside are really beautiful to see.


charlie said...

I just love all your stories thanx.

mona f said...

Is this near Shady Grove my great aunt & grandmother use to picnic there!
Mona Ricks Ferrell

Forgotten Passages said...


Yes, this is near Shady Grove. I'd say it is the place your grandmother use to picnic on.