Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter time Hoar Frost

The first time I ever heard the words Hoar Frost was from an elderly lady friend of mine.  She was telling how beautiful it was as they would be walking to school in the frozen wintertime.  She said when the sun shown through on the frozen frost it was like a million diamonds.  Walking under the sparkling tree limbs and through the frozen fields was beautiful. 

What is Hoar frost you ask?  the dictionary tells is like this:  Radiation frost, also called hoar frost, refers to the white ice crystals, loosely deposited on the ground or exposed objects, such as tree branches and plant stems, that form on cold clear nights when heat losses into the open skies cause objects to become colder than the surrounding air.

Early yesterday morning as I was out on one of my early morning drives, I got a glimpse of this sparkling crystal wonderland.  Although cold and winter time aren't my favorite months now days, one couldn't help but see the beauty is this sparking stream, open fields and hillside as the sun came through the branches and set the ice crystals or hoar frost a glow.  It was like being in a world of sparkling gems.

The sun was coming up in the Eastern sky and was shining from behind the scenes that I saw, but as you drove on by and stopped to look back, the shining effect of the scene wasn't visible, only from the view with the sun shining from behind was the beauty visible.

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