Saturday, January 16, 2010

Circus Coming To Town

Imagine the excitement of a Circus coming to your town in the 1920's.  These much-looked forward to events would arrive in Marion by way of the railroad.

The Circus Train would arrive at the depot and unload all it's wonderful equipments.   Later in the day a bright and colorful parade would go through the town inviting everyone to come to the circus.

Here's an account of one of these events as appeared in The Crittenden Press, in May 1921.

Fresh from winter quarters bright and glittering with gold leaf and vari-hued paints and teeming with hundreds of new and novel features is the Campbell-Bailey Hutchinson Combined Circus and Wild West, perhaps not the largest but one of the best in the whole world.

Neither money nor trouble has been spared to make the performance the best ever presented under a circus canvas.  The regular circus program is opened with a beautiful patriotic ensemble, which serves to introduce the entire personel from the big dressing rooms.

Then, with blood-stirring music from the large concert band, the acts follow each other in bewildering rapidity.  Prominent among the displays are the Crillion toupe in a series of new and daring feats in the air and on the ground.  The Davenport Family of Riders, the Campbell-Bailey Herd of performing Elephants, Rochetta, the man who walks on his head and a score of other acts.  The clowns number 25 and include some of the funniest jesters known.

Almost three hours of solid enjoyment is given those who attend, and this is augmented by a thrilling Wild West exhibition entitled "The Passing of the West."

There will be the usual free street parade at noonday.

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