Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Morris and Hina Grocery

Down town Marion was a busy place in the early 1900's.  Grocery stores were scattered all up and down main street.  

They often moved and changed hands several times and it is hard to track all the locations of them.  A new grocery store was being opened in 1910.

The new store was to be known as Morris and Hina Grocery.  Advertising their new store and its workers were: Left to right: Frank Morris, Charlie Hina, Audrey "Fatty" Clark, Fred Moore and Herbert Morris, son of Frank.  The location of this store was in the City Drug Store building on Main Street.

Here is an item from The Crittenden Press, March 17, 1910
Morris and Hina are worthy of patronage and their new store contains a full line of everything fresh and clean and is a marvel of beauty.  Opening day the entire day being devoted to the demonstration of Meyers Bros. coffee.  Many gallons of the enticing beverage were dispensed during the day and every one partaking prophesied success for the firm.

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Vickie said...

Audrey/Audra Ragon Clark (1893-1951) was my 2nd cousin 1 generation removed. I had never seen a picture of him before and did not know his nickname was Fatty. His grandmother Julie Ann Beard Clark was my great-grandaunt. Thanks for the posting the picture. The Hina's were related to me as well through the Beard side of my family too.