Friday, August 5, 2011

Mail Pouch Barns

This old historic barn is located on Highway 60 East about 12 miles from Marion.

Pictured at the right is Christopher Maher, from Carmel, NY.  He is Vice President of the Historical Society known as the Mail Pouch Barnstormers.

They travel the country side looking for old relics of the past and will try to document and restore as many of them as possible.  He and his son were on a RV trip traveling through this part of Kentucky last year and happen to spot this barn along the way.  He was excited to find this unlisted barn on their travels.  

Chris is now in the process of trying to make arrangements to possibly have this old barn, that was painted sometimes in the 1940's, repainted by their society's painter, who specializes in this kind of work.

I also told him of the barn on Hwy. 60 West that belongs to Alex and Stacy Summers.  I don't know if he went by to look at it on this trip or not.  It is very unusual to find two Mail Pouch Tobacco Sign barns in one County after all these years.

This picture was taken July 18, 2011, as Chris was back in the county finding out more information about the barns.

This is the Summer's barn on Highway 60 West about 10 miles from Marion.

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