Monday, August 22, 2011

Levi Cook Jeweler

Henry Levi Cook, Marion's well-know jeweler came after Mr. Freeman.  Cook's jewelry was located in the Orme Drug Store that was located on Main Street in what would later be the Marion Cafe.  His business was on the left side of the building. 

Born on a farm near Fords Ferry, Mr. Cook removed to Marion with his parents when a youth of twelve.  He was the son of the late Henry M. and Mary Carter Cook, pioneer families of the county.

A graduate of the Marion High School and then a three year course at the Lebaon, Ohio Normal school, began his training for his strong liking for anything pertaining to machinery, which finally led him into the production of fine timekeepers.  Entering as an apprentice in the works at Morganfield, Mr. Cook, in due course of time became an expert jeweler and watchmaker.

He started his business in 1898 and remained in the business until his death in 1940.

His well-known advertisement piece was a large time-piece which hung near the street located in front the the Drug Store where his business was.

In this picture made in the early 1900's you can see Levi's clock sticking out from under the awning on the right of the picture.  It says Levi Cook.  (If you click on the picture is should enlarge it enough for you to see the clock better, perhaps Levi is one of the men standing close by.)

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