Monday, August 1, 2011

Crittenden County Jail History

The jail in the picture at the right was Crittenden's 4th jail.  The first jail was built in 1844 soon after
Crittenden became a county.  Since they were made of logs and the only heating was wood fires, they were very prone to being destroyed by fires.

This fourth jail was built in 1901 from bricks from the Herrod Travis kiln here in Marion.   This old jail was used until 1973, when the county court decided that the repairs for it were going to be too costly, so they set forth with plans for a new more modern building.  Some local people interested in preserving the old building tried to save it, but as usual no funds were available for this and seemingly no way to raise enough to save the old jail.

 The old jail was torn down in 1975 and all it's history with it.  The lot were it sat was made available for a new Library and the new jail would be built in the next joining lot.
The picture at the left is the next jail that was finished in 1975 and it was first used in March of that year.  This jail served the county until 2007.

 A new multi-million dentition center was completed in December of 2007 and it's open house was held on Dec. 16, 2007.  Listed as one of a kind, with a unique design, and all the modern and up to date facilities and safety features.

This facility should last the county for many, many years.  

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