Thursday, August 25, 2011

Forest Grove

Our county road signs help preserve our past history.  It might be the name of a family that once lived on the road, a cemetery, a church and several are named for the little one room schools that were located on or nearby the present roads.

One of these is the Forest Grove Rd.  It has one entrance on Hwy. 91 North, and the other end comes out on Fords Ferry Road.  The entrance from Hwy 91 North would be where the name originated from, for the one room school of Forest Grove sat here.  

The building was build about 1893 and was built on an acre lot that Rufus Terry donated.

Not only a school house, it was also used for school activities, community gatherings, and on Sunday the building was used for church services.  Revivals were also held here when a place was needed for the community services.

After the small school districts were consolidated in the 1950's the school  was used for family reunions and church gatherings.  The old school building was torn down in the 1980's, and only an empty lot is visible now.  Many good memories were made at the little community school house.

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