Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ben Franklin Store

Remember the Ben Franklin stores?  What a wonderful store to have in your hometown.  Everything you needed or wanted could just about be purchased in these store.  When I got married in the 60's, this is where my wedding dinnerware was purchased and also my silverware.  My dinnerware was white with gold trim and the pattern was fall leaves.  It is beautiful.

Joe Jones opened the Ben Franklin store in Marion on March 8, 1928.  At that time it was located on Carlisle Street.  In 1932 it moved to it's popular location on Marion Street next to the City Drug Store. 

In 1971, Everett Jones, nephew of Joe Jones, and his wife Alberta, moved to Marion and joined his Uncle as a partner in the store.  Later Everett and Alberta were the owners of the store.

In 1978 the Ben Franklin store closed.  Mrs. Jones, said the closing was not brought about by a lack of business, but since her husband had died last year, she had found it was to hard to try and keep it going by herself.  Marion was sad to know that it's Ben Franklin store was closing.  It was hoped someone would purchase it and reopen it, but that dream didn't happen.

The building today is the home of Paula's China Shoppe.  She is a world-known China painter, and people come from all over the world to be taught to paint by her.

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