Thursday, April 1, 2010

Johnson Cemetery

The Johnson Family Cemetery is located about 14 miles from Marion on Hwy. 120, not far from the Webster Co. line.  You can see a few of the stones as you drive by this time of year, as the weeds and brush haven't fully leaved out yet.

At an early time in history this must have been an impressive family cemetery as the stones were large and looked to be of fine quality.  Now after years of neglect most of the larger two piece stones have been knocked over and are laying on the ground.  Only a few of the smaller single piece ones are left standing.

The bright yellow spring Daffodils or Jonquils, probably planted many years ago, were still blooming brightly as to hide the broken and fallen stones.  

This is the large stone of William Johnson and his wife Sophia M. Johnson.  William was married to Sophia Malinda Towery.   His dates are: Born: Oct. 27, 1829, died May 8, 1882.  Age 52 years, 6 mos, 12 days.  

Sophia reads: Born Feb. 22, 1843, died June 28, 1922.

Crittenden County is a burst of color right now as the yellow spring flowers are seen all along our road sides and in fields as you drive by.  I do believe they were as anxious for springtime, sunshine and warmer weather as us humans were. 

The roadside of flowers shown in the picture above was where an old homestead used to be years ago.  The flowers have kept their home place and continued to grow and spread all the many years although the house has long been gone. 

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