Saturday, April 24, 2010

Deer Creek Church

Another one of Crittenden County's rural churches is the Deer Creek Baptist Church.  It is located on S. R. 297 about 12 miles from Marion near the community of Sheridan.  In September 2003 the church celebrated its 180th anniversary.  (The picture at the right was made in the 1975)

The first Deer Creek Church was built in 1823 out of logs.  It had split logs for seats and one window for light, according to the church history.  It was located near a little stream called Deer Creek about a mile from the present building.  The second church, which was also located near the creek was built in 1859.  It was also a log structure.  The present church building was completed in 1882. 

Today the church has grown in attendance and has added a new fellowship hall, Sunday school classroom, and a new auditorium. 

The picture at the left was made in April 2009.  You can see the new additions that has been added.  The fellowship hall is on the far right.  

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