Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kit and Jack Coal Mines

This rare old photo was made in 1901.  It is the only picture I have ever seen of any of the actual old coal mines in the Bells Mines area.

The two miners and the little donkey are unidentified.  The two little girls on the left are Mable and Nelle Nunn, and the older ladies are Eva Nunn, sister to Mable and Nelle , and Eva Phillips.  On the right, the man with his arm in a sling, is Elmer Gahagan, next Eli Nunn, father of Mable, Nelle and Eva.  The two other old timers are unidentified.  Mr. Nunn was a much respected farmer and business man of the area and probably owned some interest in the mines.

The picture was shared with me by  Don Foster of  Burna, Ky, who is a great-grandson of Eli Nunn, and the grandson of Nelle Nunn, who married George Coleman Foster, Sr.

The name Kit and Jack came from the originial owners of the mine.  They were two immigrants from England that came to the United States and ended up in Western Kentucky mining coal.  C. C. Barnaby was "Kit" and his best friend and co-owner of the mine, was "Jack" Hargraves.

I believe this old mine known as the Kit and Jack Coal Mines was probably one of the last of the coal mines in the area to be worked.Coal was still being mined from it in 1936.  People for miles around would bring their wagons and get coal for the winter at this mines.

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