Sunday, May 2, 2010

Court of Claims

The Kentucky Constitution of 1850 provided for a county court, made up of a county judge and two associates, to conduct the business of the county, and it also established a court of claims in each county, composed of the County Judge and the Justices of the Peace.  In 1890 the Court of Claim's was abolished and the county governing body was then titled the "Fiscal Court" with the justices of the peace being our magistrates with the County Judge presiding Judge of said Court.

This old picture has been another great treasurer for several Crittenden County folks.  For in it are pictures of their ancestors that no pictures had ever been seen before.  One of these is of my paternal Great-Grandfather, John N. Culley.

The picture is from an old Crittenden Press dated 1894 and titled, The Court of Claims.

Back row, L to R: Thomas A. Harpending, John W. Blue, L. A. LaRue, W. B. Rankin, J. W. Ainsworth, Wm. Morgan, John N. Culley, W. E. Todd, George Williams.
Front row sitting:  J. A. Myers, Dave Woods, John A. Moore, (Judge), Theo. Vosier, Robert W. Taylor, Charles W. Fox.

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