Friday, May 28, 2010

Kevil Family Update

Just a couple of weeks ago I posted an article about the Kevil family and their monument at Mapleview.  

One day this week, I received a call from Tom Kevil of Knoxville, Tenn.  He is a descendant of J. Bell Kevil and was interested in visiting Marion and seeing the Kevil family plot.  Wednesday of this week we met and I showed he and his wife Helga some of Mr. Kevil's roots in Crittenden County.  The picture at the right is of Mr. Kevil standing by the family monument at Mapleview.

The Kevil family was located at Dycusburg before they moved to Marion.  Joseph Bell Kevil was also engaged in the milling business while living there.

The Kevil family in the early 1900's was one of the founders and original owners of the Marion Mill, (the location of the present Marion Feed Mill), and just across Bellville Street lives Kevil Street, which was named for the Kevil family.

 Another interesting fact and what turned out to be the highlight of the visit was that the Kevil family attended the Methodist Church.  The church was built in 1911 and the Kevil family donated one of the stained glass windows that grace the church's sanctuary.  We got to go inside the church and Mr. Kevil got to see the window donated by his ancestors.

The writing at the bottom of the window says.  "The Kevil Family."

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