Friday, May 7, 2010

Glendale Baptist Church

 Crittenden County has many beautiful rural county churches, set in scenic settings.  One of these churches is the Glendale General Baptist Church.  It is located on State Road 2123, what we used to call the Glendale Church Road, not too far for the tiny community of Sheridan.

Sunday school and church services were first held at the Glendale School. When the school closed in 1953, due to consolidation with the Tolu school,  people in the community purchased the building for use as a community church.  

The Glendale General Baptist Church was formed in Sept. 1954.  Charter members of the church were: Evans Ingram, Bertha Ingram, Charley Travis, Everett Travis, Clara Travis, Jimmie Stalion, Vera Stalion, Lois Stalion, Royster and Evalyn Stalion, Virgil and Mildred Ryan.

By 1968, the membership had grown to 43.  The church continues to prosper and within the last few years the church building has undergone major renovation, plus a covered picnic pavilion added next to the church and just recently a new parking lot with a picturesque bridge spanning the creek between the parking lot and church.

These pictures were made April 20, 2010.

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