Friday, March 12, 2010

Marion on Quilter's Trail

In January 2007 a regional project, sponsored by the Resource Conservation and Development Area and the National Resource Conservation Services, developed a project to help promote area quilting.  The idea originated in Adams County, Ohio when Donna Groves painted a quilt square on her barn to honor her mother's passion for quilting.  That one square then sparked the Clothesline of Quilts trail which runs through Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Iowa and Kentucky.

This idea targets the quilting fad that's embraced by millions across the globe.  The reason for the project was to help promote tourism and bring more customers to local mom and pop stores.  A quilt square, according to the Kentucky Quiltline, is designed on sections of wood which are then pieced together on a 8x8 frame.  

The patterns selected for each square are normally chosen by a committee or square sponsor.  Rosaline Hillis, owner of Marion Inn, selected the pattern of her quilt square out of a choice of four.  Rosaline's quilt square on the red barn above is located about 2 miles south of Marion of Hwy. 641.  You can't miss it as you drive by.  It's located at the entrance to her Bed and Breakfast, the Marion Inn.

The second quilt square in Marion was placed on top of the Crittenden Farm building located at 312 West Gum Street.  It was designed by Neil Decker, an employee of the Crittenden County Conservation District.  It is called the BLT, or barn , lot and trees.

This project helps us to remember a pastime that was popular with many generations and is carried over into today's craft world.

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