Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Marion General Baptist Church

One of Marion's many churches is the Marion General Baptist Church.  It is located on West Bellville St. about 3 blocks West of the Court House.

The Marion General Baptist Church was organized July 8, 1951, at the home of Mr. Lloyd Millikan by Rev. Carroll Yarbrough, Rev. W. M. Frisby, Rev. Dewey Winstead, Rev. David Windsors, and Rev. Ernest Hunt.  The members used a rented building until they constructed the block basement.  The Rev. Joe Ezell of Henderson was the first full-time pastor of the church until November, 1952 when he resigned.

On July 31, 1951, a lot was purchased on West Bellville Street and a concrete block basement was built, where services were conducted until the construction and opening of the new brick building.  Plans for the construction of the building on top of the basement were made and actual construction began February 23, 1954.

The church paid the pastor to supervise the major portion of construction work on the building.  The remainder of the labor was donated by members and people from outside the church.  The building is of brick veneer construction, approximately 40x90 feet.  On completion, the basement will be occupied by Sunday School rooms.

On Sunday, September 26, 1954, the first service in the new building was conducted with 82 persons present for the morning service and 103 for the evening.

The church is still active today and the pastor is Bro. Tony Perryman.

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