Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Piney Fork in the Snow

Waiting for springtime always makes me think back to previous years and when the weather turned to sunny warmer days.  March can be a fickle month, with warm days, and also snow.

Looking through some archived photos of mine I came across these pictures I had made in the Piney Fork area of our county.  The date was March 20, 1996.  It looks like it had been one of those heavy wet March snows that we get from time to time.

In this picture sits the little county store building that was once owned and operated by Mr. V. W. Alexander.  He ran the store from 1927 until 1970.   The smaller building on the left was built about 1919 and the larger building was built in 1937. 

Earlier owners of this store were: Carl Boucher, Mr. Hearin, J. S. Crayne and Huley James.  The little store and the Piney Fork Cumberland Presbyterian Church are  landmarks for the Piney Fork area.

The little store looks much the same today as it did in this picture, and it is a nice sight to see.  Very few of these little rural store buildings are even left standing today.

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