Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cave Spring Church

Cave Spring Church is nestled in the Pigeon Roost Valley, surrounded by Monument Ridge on the West, Bald Alley Knob on the East, Kelly Orr Hill on the North, and Pigeon Roost Creek is flowing near by.   The first church was located near a natural wonder spring, sometimes call the Blowing Spring or Cave Spring.  The spring was on a hillside facing the first church and thus its name of Cave Spring.  

This first wooden structure church was destroyed by fire in 1936, and when the present church was built it was located one-fourth mile from the first church and was known as the Cave Spring Community Church.  In 1949 the church was remodeled with the addition of Sunday School rooms and a vestibule.  It has a large congregation today and is a very active church.

Pigeon Roost Creek runs through the heart of the Cave-Spring community area.  It was so named because in early days the wild pigeons came to the forests surrounding the creek to roost at night.  They came because of the abundance of acorns in the forests on which they fed and there was always plenty of sparkling water in the creek.  They would roost on the different kinds of trees, clinging to each other until they would break many limbs off the trees. This is how it got its name of Pigeon Roost Creek.  This picture was made March 5th, 2010 and it was flowing peaceful and quite, when the heavy rains come in the spring, it will be a different picture as it will be much fuller and moving swiftly along through the forest and fields.

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Merritt Family said...

Thanks again, many wonderful memories of this church and worship services there.