Thursday, May 29, 2014

Livery Stables

Livery Stables were once a very important necessity of a growing town.  Drummers and other traveling men would rent the stable vehicles for as long as a week at a time, with a driver from the stable.  They would make their rounds selling goods in town and in the other small communities of the county.  

    The Wallingford Livery Stable.  It was located on East Bellville Street behind the Masonic Building.  The spot where it was is now a parking lot.

Business men used this mode of transportation to get them to the various fluorspar mining areas so they could check out new business opportunities and perhaps check on what they already owned.

Hacks were also available to meet the trains coming into Marion at the depot and transport the passengers to their destinations in Marion and the surrounding area.

These hacks were the main transportation to the great Crittenden Spring Hotel in the early 1900's.  The large mineral water resort was located about 10 miles from Marion.  They would pick up their passengers at the depot and make the journey to the hotel.

These buildings made of wood and full of hay were always in danger of fire.  This one was no exception and also burnt in 1905.

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