Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mapleview War Memorial

                                                       Dedicated was Sunday, May 23, 1948

The Veteran's War Memorial at Mapleview was first thought of in April of 1947.  A group of next-of-kin of Crittenden County boys who lost lives in World War II had a meeting with a plan to erect a Memorial for them.  

They decided that a white marble cross should be erected for each of the forty-seven Crittenden County boys who gave their lives, and a large memorial should also be erected, with suitable inscription thereon, and a flagpole.  The individual crosses are to be eight inches square and thirty inches in height.  On each cross will be placed the name, rank, date of birth and date and place of death

The large central marble memorial reads: "These are the boys who did their best against the odds they met, and whose supreme sacrifice we never shall forget.  We have built this memorial to honor those who fell, they heard the call to duty and served their country well."


Today the white crosses number 55. 

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