Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Marion's Crittenden Motor's Ends In A Fire

Crittenden Motor Co. was founded in 1929 by the late Nace Williams.  In 1956 the business moved to it's new location on South Main Street and later was owned by Glenn Walker and John H. Williams.

Walker became the sole owner in 1975 and operated the business until Bill Richardson became part owner in 1975.

The Ford dealership experienced steady growth in car and implement sales until the late 70s when the auto industry's growth reached its peak.

A few years later the Crittenden Motor's moved to a new location on South Main St.  where Conrad's grocery store parking lot is located today.

The Crittenden Motor Co. was destroyed by fire the night of August 28, 1980.  This ended the business which had served the area since 1929.  The cause was reported as a spontaneous combustion.

We wanted to rebuild and get back in business,  Mr. Walker explained, "but circumstances just made it impossible." 

We tried to keep operating, but with the limited operational facilities, the slow economy and the slumping auto industry, we just found it impossible to continue.

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