Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sketches Of Our Leading Citizens

Back in 1954 the Crittenden Press ran a series of sketches drawn by local artist Arthur Byford.  They were very informative and interesting to read.

AUBREY GRADY, owner, Aubrey Grady & Co.

 Mr. Grady was born in 1905 in Crittenden County.  After the death of his father, his family moved to Webster County.  He attended 12 years of school in Webster County.  

In 1924 he returned to Crittenden County and was employed by his brother, C. W. Grady, in the grocery business for the next 18 years. After this he organized Aubrey Grady & Co. and has been operating this store since that time.

Mr. Grady served on the City Council, and was president of the Kiwanis club.  He was a member of the First Cumberland Presbyterian church.

In 1926 he married the former Fannie Herron of Webter County.  They hae one child, Mary Louise Grady.

(Mr. Grade died May 4, 1982 and is buried in the Mapleview Cemetery.  So is his wife, Fannie Herron Grady, who died May 17, 1969.)


THOMAS N. TUCKER, owner-operator of Tucker Furniture Store and Tucker Funeral Home.

Thomas N. Tucker, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Tucker, is owner and operator of the Tucker
  FurnitureStone and Funeral Home.

He served three years in the Navy during World War II, being attached to the Hospital Ship USS Sanctuary in the Pacific.

Afer graduating from Marion High school, Mr. Tucker attended and graduated from the Cincinnati College of Embalming, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mr. Tucker married the former Ethel Stout, also of Marion.

(Mr. Tucker died August 24, 2001 and is buried at the Mapleview Cemetery.  Mrs. Ethel Tucker (now 97 years old) is still living.

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