Thursday, June 5, 2014

Blackford Shed and Families that Attended Camp

Not many people are left that remember the big camp days at the Blackford Church and camp grounds.  I have done a post on this church several years ago in 2009,  but didn't show the old shed or introduce you to some of the local families that attended church and camp here.

This is the old shed, it was really a large shed made from local timber and constructed by the local farmers. The sides were open and the roof was made also of wood and was covered with rolled roofing.  It was approximately 50 foot long and 20 feet wide.

It finally had to be torn down in the 1950's because it had deteriorated so bad and was really unsafe to use anymore.  The meetings then were moved back inside the church.

Standing along side the shed are some of the local families that lived in the surrounding area and attended church here and also the camp meeting.  This picture was made in the 1920's.

L-R.  1.  James Tosh, 2. Flora Tosh, 3. George Ford, 4. Bell (Brantley) Ford, 5. Leota (Thurman) Clark, 7. Finnie Orr, 8. Mrs. Jerry Belt, 9. Will Hughes, hold his son 10. John R., 11. Bessie Hinchee, 12. Bob Ford, 13. Mrs. Marty Ford, 14. Lizzie Ford, 15, Clarence Jeffreys, 16. Willis Brown, and 17. Manus Clark.

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