Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Railroad and Depot and Water Tower

This picture made in January 1981 shows a lot of past history for Marion and Crittenden County.  It was taken as a news item, for at this time in our history the Illinois Central Gulf railroad had filed for the abandonment of the railroad line.  

Later that year in Oct. 1981 the ICG railroad was allowed to shut down its 105-mile line stretching between Henderson and Princeton which also went through the heart of Crittenden County.

The old Deport was torn down just a few years later, I guess not considering that it might be turned into a historic landmark and could have been turned into something useful for the town.

The Marion water tower in the back ground, once seen from miles around, also would also be just a memory for it was no longer in use as the water source for the town.  The tower would be sold for scrap metal.  It came down in January 1981 also, probably soon after this historic picture was made.

The railroad crossing flashing light pole is still standing today on East Depot Street.  But that is all that is left of the items in the photo.

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