Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Early Marion, Busy Town

Once, not even that long ago, Marion was a busy, business-filled town.  All of Main St. was filled with 2 banks, and all kinds of businesses that one could find all that was needed to fill your needs, whether for the farm, the home, or just for yourself.

This picture of Marion Main Street was made in the late 1940's.  This People's Bank, on the corner with all the windows, building was built in 1920 to replace the one that burnt in 1919.  The Bank front looked like this until 1971 when they enlarged and remodeled the whole building as it looks today.  

You can also see the Williams Dept. store name on their awning on the right.  Which today in the Law Offices of Frazer, Rogers and Peek.

 This picture also made in the 1940's, looking south from the corner of W. Bellville.  The court house would be to the right.  As one can see, it looks like all the parking places are filling from one end of the business district to the other.  

People are gathered at the court house square and also many are walking along the sidewalk on the left.  Amazing isn't it. 

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