Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Recent History Making Nature Event

 Pine Knob Bluff on Blackburn Church Road looses a piece of it's rock.

Once again a section of the Pine Knob Bluff has fallen off and crashed into the Blackburn Church Road causing thousands of dollars damage to the roadway. 

 In January of 1994 another boulder fell not to far from where this most recent one did.  It is believed that this one is larger that the one in 1994. 

 This is the boulder that has fallen off and landed in the middle of the road. 

 Even though you can't see it, the rock is sunken several feet deep into the roadway. 

Some of the beautiful Crittenden County scenery that is to be
seen in the area.  

This balancing rock may be a threat in the future as it could possibly push the rock it is laying against off of the ledge.

The icicles hanging from the rocking bluffs made a beautiful sight as
 the sparkled in the sunlight like

A delightful day of sightseeing for the New Year's Eve, December 31, 2013.

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