Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Old Nash Dealership

This is one of the old familiar business buildings that was torn down to make room for the new Marion Fire Station a few years ago.

From some information found from the files of the old Crittenden Press comes this informative information.

Marvel and Harmon, New business opened in April 1953.  The Nash Dealership.

The building, before Marvel and Harmon purchased it and remodeled, it was a one-story and unsightly, badly in need of repairs.  It has been a poultry and egg dealer's place of business.

Now it is a 2-story building with completely modern display and sales room, with offices on the second floor.  In the rear of the showroom is a completely renovated service department.

After the Nash Dealership closed other local businesses were housed here, in the 1970's for a time there was shop here that sold sewing material and sewing supplies.

Here is an old Marvel & Harmon Nash ad that was in the 1955 Marion Reporter local paper.

Marion, at one time, had a car dealership about on ever corner of the town, as was the same with Gas stations.

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