Friday, January 17, 2014

Freedom Baptist Church

Freedom General Baptist Church was organized June 21, 1853.  Land for the church building was deeded to the trustees, A. H. Belt, William Jopland and Thomas Riley, by Alfred Moore.

The first church was a log building with only one window to the side.  The next was a frame building.  The  third building was destroyed by a tornado May, 17, 1946, and was replace in 1949.   This is a picture after the tornado destroyed it.

In 1972 the church building was enlarged by adding a new wing on each side.  

In 1998 the church had outgrown it's present 50 year old home and a new expansion project was being done.  It included a fellowship hall and handicapped accessible restrooms.  The project also included new windows and a new steeple.  The picture above is how the church looks today.  

Freedom Baptist Church is located about 3 miles west of Marion on Hwy. 91 North and is an active church today.

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Katy Whittington said...

Thank you so much for the historical pictures of the Freedom Baptist Church. Also thank you for validating that my ancestor Thomas Riley was associated with it. I've been researching my Riley's for many years but had no hard evidence, other than family lore, that he was involved in the Freedom Baptist Church.
Beautiful blogs, I have spent the entire evening going through all of them.
Thank you so very much!