Friday, December 13, 2013

Old Man Winter Came Early

Old man Winter for December 2013 came early this year, with a winter storm on December 6th.  Sleet started during the night on Thursday night and continued on into Friday and then turned into snow on Friday afternoon.  We had about 2 inches of sleet on the ground and then 4-6 inches of snow, and winter doesn't officially start until  Dec. 21st.

The old Victorian Robert F. Haynes home on N. College Street made a pretty picture with the Evergreens and the snow.  Makes one think of Christmas's many years ago.  The home was build in 1895, although in need of some repairs it is still an impressive and stately sight.  One hopes it will be restored to it's former beauty.  Definitely one of the oldest standing homes in Marion.

The Crittenden County Historical Society's cabin sits across the street from the Haynes Home and it looked right at home on the cold and snowy day.   It has been recently re-chinked by Carlos Travis, a local man that loves old homes and log cabins.  All we need is a fire in the fireplace and smoke coming from the rock chimney to really take us back to pioneer days. 

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